Rare Cannabis Cup T-shirts…

Check out a few of my personal tee-shirts, some worn once or twice, some worn never. These were offered up to fund the start-up of my latest venture Abakus magazine.


The 22nd Cup was the induction of Tom Forcade into the Counterculture Hall of Fame and Tom’s favorite plane appeared on this shirt.


21st Cup featuring the induction of Peter Tosh



Another Alex Grey masterpiece created just for the 19th Cannabis Cup.



Aside from Alex Grey, the greatest Cup artist is Jeff Wood, who must have more Cup poster designs than anyone else. His art for the John Trudell induction was truly wonderful.



The 14th Cup was held in 2000.



The 13th Cup, the Goddess Cup, featured art by Steve Marcus. It was also the year of the Cannabis Castaways.


The 12th Cup was the Beat Cup and featured art by Sweetbryar Ludwig.



The 11th Cup featured the inductions of Louis Armstrong and Mezz Mezzrow into the Counterculture Hall of Fame.

It was also the first year special t-shirts were made for the Temple Dragon Crew, who had emerged as the ceremonial emcees of the event.


The first dragon image used on the backs for the shirts for both Whee and the Cannabis Cup was clip art taken off the internet. It would take years before a suitable sigil emerged.



The 10th Cup was the beginning of the Counterculture Hall of  Fame, something I created to help focus and channel the vibes at the event. Bob Marley was the first inductee.



The 9th Cup featured Jeff Wood’s entry into the Cup as artist. His art would eventually grace more Cup posters than any other. This was a Native American theme and one of my all-time favorite images. It even became the cover for the issue of High Times, the only Cup art to claim that honor, although I wish the art had been used more often as I always thought it portrayed a classier image than a photo of cannabis in a silver Cup.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

3 thoughts on “Rare Cannabis Cup T-shirts…”

  1. Hey now! Do you have any other items from the 1996 Cannabis Cup? The medium shirts would be too small for me. I was there (my only Cup) and I’m looking for some memorabilia. Thanks.

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