Magic Candle Operator’s Manual

photoPlease don’t leave lit candles unattended. And don’t light up all your candles the second they arrive. Take some time to prep the set.

There are three choices: You can leave them as they are and display the candles as art and aromatherapy, you can use them for your major ceremonies, or you can use them as a tool for meditation. When the Temple Dragons conduct a candle ceremony, a different dragon lights each candle, and the first one is typically lit by the High Priestess or High Priest, a role that shifts around constantly so that everyone gets a chance to wear the big hat.

Most of what follows is for those wanting to use the candles for meditation, so feel free to ignore or develop your own operation’s manual.

Name each candle. The goal is to build a connection between your candle and your chakra, and that will take time. Be patient and keep meditating.

What path are you on? If Elvis is your God, feel free to name your center candle Elvis, but don’t do that if Jesus Christ is your real God. Music and magic go together like a horse and carriage and you need to designate seven frequencies to tune into, and these should be the most important frequencies that sum up your wishes, desires and where you’d like to go. It helps if you give a name to each candle signifying the frequency you want to dial in. You can also name candles after the dear departed. If your life has been traumatized by the loss of a loved one, and you’d like to invite that spirit into your temple, name a candle for that loved person, and the green candle would be a great choice.

You could start with the bass note, the red candle, and work your way up to the tallest candle, but I suggest starting with the green candle, the heart chakra. Why? Because this is the easiest chakra for most people to feel and all people already have rituals designed to blow this chakra wide open. Just give a wonderful gift to a friend and feel the blast of telepathic love that comes back when that gift is presented. Before you can start using these candles for ceremonies, however, you need to prep them. The more you handle, rub and smell these candles before lighting them the better.

First, take a cheap ballpoint pen and trace a line over the paper sigils. Press hard enough to leave a faint impression on the wax. Be sure and trace the circle that surrounds each sigil as well. These sigils (magic symbols) should be transferred physically to the candles by the ceremonial master who will take care of these spiritual tools. Don’t worry about destroying the paper sigil: it’s there only to help you transfer the image onto the candles and can be thrown away afterwards. Once you have a faint outline transferred, remove the paper ring and use your pen (or any other carving tool, (those pumpkin carving tools work great) to carve the sigil more deeply into each candle. I just use a ballpoint pen myself. I usually highlight the carved areas with a gold paint marker to make the sigil stand out as much as possible, but you can decorate your candles any way you want. Creativity is certainly encouraged and you are even free to invent your own sigils. For example, if you are Christian, replace the spiral with a cross, and if you are Jewish, replace the spiral with a Star of David. If you are Wiccan, make it a pentagram. The point is to get your energy into the physical substance of the candles, and that’s what carving the sigils accomplishes. When you place the sigils into the wax, you can also designate the gender or sexual persuasion of that particular candle, although I always keep the white candle gender unspecific.

After the sigils have been transferred to the candles, gouge a hole where you want to place each gemstone. If you have a deluxe set, you will have been sent seven gemstones. One of the stones will be the smallest stone (and often the most expensive) and one of the stones will be the largest. There will be much variety, but only 7 stones and you pick one stone for each candle, unless you want to replace these stones with some of your own (highly recommended if you have some natural stones with your energy already in them). I place my stones in the center of each sigil, but you can put them anywhere on the candle you want.

I usually wait for the candle to tell me its name, and then I trim the wick to ¼” and light it for the first time with a “Welcome home, (name goes here).” Then I get into a meditation position and think about that person, thing or energy I am inviting in. Always invite as a friend. Never invite energies to master and start bossing you around. In other words, don’t bow to your candles, unless obedience to others is your path.

The candles should be placed on an altar in the following order, from left to right: red, yellow, blue, white, purple/indigo, green, orange. If you are going to light all candles at the same time I suggest lighting them in the following order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white.

Each candle, sigil, scent and stone should be explored individually long before you think of firing up all seven cylinders at once. Also, the various combinations that can be achieved by lighting two or three candles at the same time should also be experimented with before firing up all seven at once.

After lighting a candle, wait until a pool of molten wax forms a circle around the flame and then hover over it for a few seconds to fully inhale the scent vapor while staring into the pool of colored wax, being careful not to burn your hair. Back away when you feel the blast of heat from the flame. The sigil, color and scent may require time, patience and meditation before they become fully embedded into your subconscious. The more meditation you put into these candles, the more effective spiritual tools they will become.

There are many ways to enhance this device. First, don’t allow any contaminated items such as petroleum products on your altar and keep everything as natural as possible. Water is a very powerful purification tool, especially spring water harvested recently from the earth. Drink as much as possible and make the drinking of it a ritual event and keep some on the altar in a glass you can drink from during your improvisational ceremonies. Play a drum or musical instrument, sing and dance in front of your altar. The batteries (gemstones) will store that joyful energy. Use a chime, gong or bell with your candle ceremonies. Since each candle represents a different note of the scale, it would be wonderful to have a set of 7 chimes, one for each chakra. Cannabis is an effective tool, but use it sparingly and not to get wrecked, but just to help set the vibes.

If you are having trouble jump-starting your set, I suggest downloading the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, which is from 1937 and in the public domain and can be obtained free from various websites in pdf form. Just read the book into your set until you start getting a sense of the power of your own mind.

Your chakra centers emit energies, some of which are telepathic in nature, but our auras have become clogged or even shut down entirely through the disconnection from the natural world of vibrations. If used in a reverential manner, these candles may help restore some of those telepathic energies, while enhancing creativity and injecting a spirit of fun into all your ceremonies.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

3 thoughts on “Magic Candle Operator’s Manual”

  1. Hello Steven I just to thank you so much for being there to help me begin this mystical and empowering journey IM about to embark on! Since I’ve been digging Thru your fb page I’ve already begin to reveal things about my self that I’ve never experienced before ! IM so thankful for soldiers Lol you that stand for what you believe and sharing it all with whom ever will except it! I’ve always said if you stand make it for a good cause! You have accomplished that! Ty again for sharing what you know . I
    with me and can’t wait to see just how deep and mystical this experience will take me! I think this is what I’ve been missing in my life that’s caused such

  2. when you talk about the frequencies could you name the mhz #s so we can actually talk about the science ? i used to be in a business involving all frequencies available, from c.b radios,tv’s,hi-fi equipment of all kinds,flashlights,infra red camera equipment, and of course, all cameras covering the visible light spectrum,u.v lights, bulbs of all kinds and frequencies of light,radar detectors,radar guns,radiation detectors etc.
    the only thing besides that i seriously question is your advice to drink as much water as possible. snopes the myth “drink 8 cups of water a day”. i was advised to drink 5 gallons of seawater to “get rid of all the toxins” when i got into a cult in the 60’s and nearly died. several people have done so by drinking too much water, even with electrolytes. there is a limit to the need for water. remember that every solid thing we eat has water in it from fruit to bread to pizza.i need to drink lots of water to prevent kidney stones but there really is a limit . too much can kill a person.

    1. When I talk about frequencies and flavors on telepathic energy, I’m talking about the difference between being in an OM circle and a violent mob. There’s a lot of energy being manifested in both, but the frequencies are certainly very different. Just as you can get a contact high from being around stoned people, there are telepathic vibrations and fields of those vibrations that affect the way you think. I’m lucky if I drink a glass of water a day myself, and I think I am like most people, coffee, coke, seltzer, beer, very little water. I’m not talking about downing 5 gallons a day, I said water is a purification tool and just like when you light a candle, that’s a ceremonial moment, when you take a sip of pure spring water from the earth, that can be a ceremonial moment too, and treasure that life-giving resource. The ceremonies are entirely improvisational. You can write your own script whenever you want and feel free to ignore anything I say at any time.

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