The End of Religion as We Know It


People are surprised by my sudden turn into ceremonial magic, but really, I only started this blog two years ago, and if you look at my first post, it was titled “proof of God’s existence.” I’ve been doing ceremonial magic most of my life, but then so have all of you because magic and religion are the same thing.

It’s very easy to make fun of any culture and its unique rituals. Bill Maher did a good job ridiculing religion in his 2008 documentary on the subject. But really, making fun of people’s religions is just another form of bigotry. See, the whole point of ritual and ceremony is to put meaning into your life and make it more magic. It doesn’t matter what you believe, only that you believe it with all your heart and soul so the magic can flow into your life. When you go home, you have your own ceremonies and rituals, and these may seem bizarre to people on the other side of the world, but so what? Magic is not about being rational and empirical, it’s about vibrations, or, if you prefer, telepathic frequencies.

Mainstream religions run everything through one sigil, one Pope, and a flagship temple. Most magic being generated today in the world is contained within those mainstream operations and in almost all of these, the priests are the only magicians. In Wicca, everyone gets access to the priesthood, which is a huge improvement, and you can also tune in multiple frequencies, which makes Wicca a much more spiritually evolved magic that say Christianity.

It makes absolutely no difference what name you put on any Gods or Goddesses whose frequencies you wish to tune into. Those frequencies exist and your naming them doesn’t impact their telepathic energy. But if you dial the frequencies in correctly, they impact you in major ways. Anyone can talk to any Gods or Goddesses they want and always have been able to. Yes Dorothy, you can go home to Kansas right now.

Of course, it helps if you have the right tools and I just invented an amplifier, transmitter, receiver, and battery system for telepathic energies. Yeah, a lot of people laughed when I made my announcement on facebook last week. A lot are still laughing. But the reality is that before long 420 of these Magic Chakra Candle sets are going to be in operation. I am sure there is a more to these devices that will soon be revealed. Like very soon.

You have to put the energy into these systems. They don’t work on their own and cannot function unless prayer/meditation is directed into them. There are seven major telepathic energy centers in your body and each has a different frequency. The MCC are designed to tune your particular magic (religion) to the seven chakra centers in your body and tie those elements together with a flame, a color, a scent, a sigil, and a stone. It has taken seven years for me to get to this point, but I know a lot more magic is going to be revealed soon.

If you build your own, it will work better, just follow my specs, but I am going to make 420 sets to send out for the beta test. They are all signed and dated and delivered when ready. I was making four sets a day, but I am out of supplies right now.

And yes, I think these 420 MCC’s are going to have a major impact on the astral plane. See, it only took a few dozen people in Congo Square to create the foundation of blues, jazz and rock’n’roll. You’d be surprised what a few hundred focused minds can accomplish.

Don’t light up all your candles the second you get them. I suggest taking a day just to prep and name each candle. The connection between your candle and your chakra center may take time to develop. It won’t be instantaneous, so just be patient and keep praying.

What path are you on? Do you have any Gods and Goddesses you respect? Who are your favorite songwriters and performers. If Elvis is your God, feel free to name your center candle Elvis. Music and magic go together like a horse and carriage and you need to designate seven frequencies to tune into, and these should be the most important frequencies that sum up your wishes, desires and where you’d like to go. It helps if you give a name to each candle signifying the frequency you want to dial in. You can also name candles after the dear departed. If your life has been traumatized by the loss of a loved one, and you’d like to invite that spirit into your temple, name a candle for that loved person, and the green candle would be a great choice.

You could start with the bass note, the red candle, and work your way up to the tallest candle, but I suggest starting with the green candle, the heart chakra. Why? Because this is the easiest chakra for most people to feel and all people already have rituals designed to blow this chakra wide open. Just give a wonderful gift to a friend and feel the blast of telepathic love that comes back when that gift is presented.

You know, the Freemasons are very spiritual and they got a lot of that energy by putting a Talmud, Bible, and Koran on their altar. But you know what? I might have roared past that Mason magic with this new invention because any spiritual culture can be plugged into my altar.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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