Transformational tools for healing ceremonies

ImageI’ve spent the last seven years developing these transformational tools and I think they are ready to release to the general public. I hope all the shamans, magicians, witches and warlocks check these out at some point. They combine aromatherapy, color therapy and crystal therapy with sigil magic.

Some have asked me to prescribe some ceremonies, something I hesitate to do. When you get these candles you have to first transfer the sigil to the candle and then decorate the candle and add the gemstone somewhere. You must put your juice into the candle or it can’t make magic.

If you want to get really serious right away, start a morning ceremony. I’m sure you already have one. Mine is walking the dogs, followed by feeding the dogs, followed by a cup of coffee and slice of toast. But if I wanted to get really serious, I’d go into my bedroom, where my candles are set-up at the foot of my bed. I’d pick up the red candle, hold it, smell it, meditate on the sigil and then light the candle. Then I’d do some stretching, some yoga, some exercises designed around the root chakra. Then I’d blow out the red candle and pick up the orange candle. This might involve yoga or it might involve sexual stimulation. If I had a partner, I’d always light the green and the orange, which would put some jasmine and rose into the room. Anyway, one at a time you can work your way through all the candles and have a 20 minute daily ceremony that covers all the chakras in some aspect. Later in the day, around 4:20, you repeat the ritual.

And if you ever get stressed out, or start to fall into a rage, just go towards the altar, start the daily ceremony. It will work just as good as taking a hit off a joint. Anyway there are infinite ceremonies that can be done with the candles and I’m looking forward to getting some feedback from the users on any insights you develop so we can continue to share the knowledge.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

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