Is Conspiracy Theory the True Road to Enlightenment?

“Enlightenment’s not like ringing a bell. Some days you can stone people with your presence, some days not.” Stephen Gaskin

I used to wonder if all this deep political research I was doing was really worth it. Sometimes, when I’d try to clue my elders into the secret society network that controls real global power, they’d get depressed having to confront all that corruption for the first time.

Then I realized the case on the JFK assassination was closed. All you had to do was read the testimony of mafia figures and Cuban exiles who worked on that CIA project, presumably initiated at the request of the oligarchy, and not by some rouge agents either. A peaceful calm came over me when I realized I no longer had to stay abreast of all the latest twists and turns. Conspiracy theory is 99% noise/disinfo and 1% honest investigations. More than anything, it involves avoiding the obvious rabbit holes, like chemtrails and “we never landed on the moon.” These rabbit holes are the chaff and flares ejected from a jet to fool any heat-seeking missiles on its tail.  Real researchers are the missiles and the jet, well, the jet’s are the real story researchers are seeking to uncover. An if there weren’t real conspiracies, there wouldn’t be a need for creating all these false trails to nowhere you see on TV.

The latest rabbit hole is 9/11 was a fusion of OTO/Freemasonic black magic rituals designed to penetrate the psyche of the nation and embed new sigils. I find this stuff laughable. I’d much prefer an analysis of 9/11 based on the Harry Potter franchise, the most valuable media asset in the United Kingdom right now because I think Harry Potter contains more powerful black magic than Aleister Crowley. Every generation shapes its own rituals and I don’t subscribe to the theory that a black magic cult has been running the world continuously for over 2,000 years. Black magic cults are everywhere, usually hidden as white magic cults. LaRouche, Hubbard and Rev. Moon created three of the biggest black magic cults of our time, but they still don’t approach whatever black magic cult is embedded into our deeply corrupted Pentagon.

This secret society network runs the same almost everywhere you find it:

Rule number one: Never talk about the order.

Rule number two: Obey the order.

These societies are designed to hand down power from one generation of the oligarchy to the next and most of the people certainly don’t feel they’re committing any crimes or doing anything other than protecting their own family’s interests. I don’t imagine many masters of the universe want blood all over the hands of their children, although some have a history of joining the military, where blood is a guarantee.

We get a picture of the dark side of these societies by looking at the Sicilian men of honor society, whose initial induction ceremony involved black robes with hoods and a human skull with a stiletto driving through it. There were no complex OTO or masonic-style rituals, though. Just a pinprick on the finger, a few drops of blood, and the sacred oath to obey and conceal. Oh, and if you ever broke this vow, you gave the society permission to kill you as your just punishment. Although we’ve never been inside the Bonesmen’s tomb during their initiation ceremonies, we’ve heard audio tapes from activities in the courtyard, which sound pretty hilarious. Ritual death seems to be involved there as well, just as it is with the masonic societies. I’m not familiar with the Mormon’s version, but given that cult’s rapid penetration of the FBI, I suspect ritual death may be a part of their initiation rites as well.

So why all this continuous reference to Crowley and Pike as if their ideas are actually driving the show? A huge part of disinfo is creating the false enemy. For much of the last 2,000 years, this false enemy has been the Jews, which is why they’ve suffered so much oppression in the Christian world. Many secret societies have plotted world domination, and these societies are probably in conflict over who’s going to collect the biggest skim. The Rothschild family became heavily involved in Freemasonry, which helped them penetrate the royal houses of Europe, after they converted to Christianity. Despite having so many conversions, one suspects they play a huge role in the affairs of Israel, and probably own most of it, just as the Rockefellers own a significant portion of Manhattan. Our current world situation seems to be dominated by these two families. Both family fortunes are controlled by a Trust, a board of directors and their consiglere. Both may be involved in crime beyond our comprehension. If you want to penetrate behind the curtains of real world power, it wouldn’t hurt to be a fly on the wall in those two boardrooms. But those trusts are dealing with other powerful societies, like ones inside the Vatican and the House of Lords. And let’s not forget, Skull & Bones is a German-based society, just as the Men of Honor is a Sicilian-based society. This does not mean, however, that the members in the US are taking orders from overseas anymore than the New York mob takes orders from Sicily or the Vatican. Only that the separate divisions cooperate with each other when necessary, and that the ceremonies were actually created overseas before they came to America.

What good does it do to know all this? Someday the corruption inside this network is going to be exposed because someone on the inside is going to make a serious run at the oligarchy, like the one Major General Smedley Butler attempted when he was asked to become dictator and storm the White House during FDR’s new deal. Back then, Butler’s evidence of the oligarchy and their crimes was kept hidden by Congress instead of being handed over to the American people. Next time a Smedley Butler emerges, we must be ready to protect and preserve them. We need to create an environment that welcomes them in, and not paint the entire oligarchy as some monstrous incarnation of ultimate evil, dehumanizing them in the process. I have no doubt there are more than a few psychopaths inside the top ranks of the oligarchy, but most members are just human beings who think they deserve different standards than the rest of us because of their intense power and wealth.


Author: Steven Hager

I'm a writer, journalist, filmmaker and event producer.

3 thoughts on “Is Conspiracy Theory the True Road to Enlightenment?”

  1. “Someday the corruption inside this network is going to be exposed because someone on the inside is going to make a serious run at the oligarchy”

    Donald Trump?

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