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What’s so great about Entourage?

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The haters really had to bend over backwards to find something negative to say about the spectacular end to the greatest TV show since the Sopranos. Doug Ellin did a masterful job of tying up all loose ends in a half hour while setting the stage for the upcoming film. I’m also happy it looks like much of that film might be set in New York City as two of the main characters are moving here, and even Ari might end up on the East Coast as CEO of a major media company. It certainly would be fun to see New York City celebrity hotspots mined like the LA ones have been for the past eight years. I can’t wait to bump into the crew shooting in my Upper West Side neighborhood, undoubtedly at Cafe Luxembourg. No doubt Vince and E will avoid the completely yuppie East Village for a neighborhood more conducive to raising children. I predict condos overlooking Central Park and oceanfront properties on Fire Island for both of them. The negative rap on this show was that it was “just about male bonding,” but I think the appeal ran deeper. Entourage represents the goal and ultimate fantasy of just about every American male: escape from a 9-to-5 wage-slave existence, not just the importance of passing through life as a unit, although that aspect is certainly crucial. Unlike most TV shows, Entourage treated intoxicating substances (and their value in some ceremonies) with great realism and provided an honest behind-the-scenes look at some of the wackier aspects of stardom. Obviously, Jeremy Piven stole the final show last night. His sudden spiritual awakening and bolting from the office to return to his family amidst a heavenly aria was priceless! Adrian Grenier has always been fully believable as a Hollywood star who takes care of his high school buddies, but one of the best things about the show was that Vincent was seldom the focus. Kevin Dillon was always capable of stealing any scene– his character was always fall-out-of-your-chair funny. And Turtle made one of the best transformations on the show, from stoner slacker to millionaire entrepreneur. What’s so great about Entourage? It was consistently the most entertaining show on television and now they finally have time to expand our favorite characters into a feature-length format. The best thing about Entourage is we don’t have to get cut-off after 30 minutes the next time the show comes to life. Thank you Doug Ellen, Mark Wahlberg and the rest of Entourage for such a great run. And let’s hope the movie gets some sequels. And if you need a minor New York City marijuana celebrity for a cameo in the film (who has already appeared on Weeds), please give me a call as I am available!

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