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Barbarians at the Gates

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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 10.58.57 AMMeet the new crusaders forged in torture chambers from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay. Blowback is a counterintelligence term for what happens when you wreak violence on somebody, because violence always comes back. So don’t think the Pentagon and NSA didn’t see this one coming a mile off. And, of course, this sort of violence is heaven sent since it guarantees a booming arms trade for years, if not decades. Isn’t it wonderful we turned the second biggest oil stream in the Middle East over to Radical Fundamentalists so they could use it to boost our arms sales and economy?

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.33.41 AMJust as hundreds of Al-Qaeda terrorists were recently transplanted from safe houses in Turkey to aid our NATO forces in Syria, someday ISIS might be our ally against Al-Qaeda. It already takes an advanced degree in diplomacy to unravel the political affiliations in the Middle East, a situation that grows progressively byzantine as the decades roll on, which is why I know this War on Terror is going on for a long, long time.

One of the Paris shooters was 15-years-old and there are six million Muslims in France, and maybe a quarter of them sympathize somewhat with suicide bombings, while one percent (60,000) are housed in prisons, the breeding ground for becoming a gangsta for god. Muslims in France tend to have twice the children of non-Muslims and are ten percent of the population. Do the math. Meanwhile, France makes billions exporting arms to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, arming the next wave of suicide shooters. There’s going to be a lot of bullets and bombs sold this week, so if you like making easy money, invest in the war machine, I know the oligarchy does.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 9.23.06 AMThe leadership of ISIS formed inside our torture centers, like Abu Ghraib. The torture we inflicted served to radicalize and heighten their fervor to take revenge. Reminds me of when the Mossad wiped out the moderate Palestinian movement in response to Munich, something that opened the door for more radical elements to take over the movement. Meanwhile, the mastermind of Munich was being protected by the CIA. Don’t believe me? Just watch Spielberg’s film Munich.

The media doesn’t really tell you the Paris attack was retaliation for an airstrike on ISIS, and of course, France immediately launched another attack in response, and so it goes, and goes. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind. The masters of war just love ceremonies of death like these because they fuel the hatred and the racism.

If you study the history of communism, you’ll find the American communist movement stuffed with spooks from the onset, and so was the enormous and well-funded anti-Communist movement. That’s how a managed dialectic works. Spooks create and manipulate both sides. It’s not difficult to penetrate a terror group. You just offer them money, resources and volunteers, and let your secret spooks worm their way into positions of influence. Most of the real fighters are mercenaries working for a paycheck, while the brainwashed teenagers serve as suicide bombers. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the communist/capitalist dialectic was suddenly over and a substitute had to be manufactured. So radical Islam versus Israel and her allies became the new dialectic. Radical Islam has long been a spook project and the Muslim Brotherhood has a lot of Nazi connections in its origins. Every time a drone drops a bomb on the Middle East, we create more suicide bombers because violence leads to violence. When you see suicide bombings provoking widespread violence as a response (and many people believe this is the solution), I have to point out: violence, bombings, racism and hate will not solve the problem. Reject the managed dialectic. The people off all nations need to band together, reject violence, and use the money going to bombs and bullets to build schools and hospitals and a better life for the down-trodden so they aren’t so easily pulled into this hoodwink.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 11.30.53 AMINTEL OPS 101
Seed your false flag with an instant pointer to focus event coverage. In the alternative and conspiracy media, release a tidbit of real evidence attached to a detail that can be easily disproved later, and demand an end to all debate once it’s disproved. Always present the concept of false flags as insane, unpatriotic and heap ridicule on it to stifle debate. Never engage in rational discourse with researchers.
5 keys to success: 1) Stage anti-terror drill during terror event as cover for operations; 2) Plant ID at scene; 3) Rush to martial law, suspension of civil liberties, with sweeping changes prepared in advance 4) an alarming detail indicating a possible false flag should released within days to fuel conspiracy theories, but it must be tied a false detail or come from a tinfoil hat buffoon; 5) nutty theories involving UFOs/holograms/lizards/etc. should flood the Internet, using the manufactured tinfoil hat brigade.

IMG_0591Postscript: I do have an alternative to manipulating religion to make war for profit. I’ve formed a secret society called the Pot Illuminati, and we seek to merge all religion by showing respect to their rituals and ditching their dogmas. We only have one rule: don’t hurt anyone. You can find out more by attending the National Rainbow Family Gathering somewhere around New Hampshire next July 1-7. We have a golden pin that confers membership, and it just got a make-over, thanks to one of our Grandmasters. I’m so glad we switched in the seven-pointed star of the magi, which is the most appropriate sigil for our mission.

Written by Steven Hager

November 16, 2015 at 11:46 am

The Story of Manu and Yemo

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Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.32.13 AMOver 130,000 years ago, the human population may have dwindled as low as 10,000 before the great migration out of Africa began thanks to global warming. The origin of all people and all languages resides in Africa, and so does the origin of all religion.

Religion’s primary function has never changed. It’s primary purpose was to anoint the local king and priest with a divine right to authority, although it probably helped if the message was crafted in as entertaining a fashion as possible, so for countless millennia, religion was transmitted primarily through song, dance and poetry. When Sumer emerged as a civilization, there were already bigger civilizations happening in Romania, where the Danube meets the Black Sea, and central Turkey, although few celebrate those cultures today.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.26.40 PMThe Black Sea civilization, composed of small farms and sprawling villages, suddenly disappeared after invasions by the nomadic people of the steppes to their east, who stole their cattle and kidnapped their people to be sold as slaves. These invaders rode horses and possessed metal alloy weapons far superior to copper or stone. These weapons may have come from Sumer and/or Egyptian sources, the result of trading with those cultures. But the people of the steppes also possessed something all their own, the world’s best cannabis, which became a valued commodity. They invaded the cities south of the Black Sea and established themselves as the ruling oligarchy.

The Yamna of the steppes spread a creation myth heard round the world, the story of Manu and Yemo, which has many versions depending on time and place, but all the versions contain the basics of the story.

Deus Pater (father sky) Prithvi Mater (mother earth) give birth to twin brothers, Manu and Yemo. One day Manu kills Yemo and cuts him up to create the plants, animals and human beings. Trito, the third man, is born and given dominion over cattle, whose milk sustains the people. But one night all the cattle are stolen by a three-headed dragon. Trito asks the Sun God for help getting the cattle back. With the help of the Sun, Trito travels to the mountain where the dragon sleeps in a cave. He slays the dragon and leads the cattle home, saving his tribe from starvation.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.28.04 PMWherever you find an Indo-European language spoken, you’ll find some version of this myth.

See also: Anu or Marduk vs. Tiamat in Mesopotamian mythology; Ra vs. Apep in Egyptian mythology; Baal or El vs. Lotan or Yam-Nahar in Levantine mythology; Yahweh or Gabriel vs. Leviathan or Rahab or Tannin in Jewish mythology; Michael the Archangel and, Christ vs. Satan (in the form of a seven-headed dragon), Virgin Mary crushing a serpent in Roman Catholic iconography (see Book of Revelation 12), Saint George and the Dragon in Christian mythology. The Norse Ragnarök, as well as Poseidon, Oceanus, Triton, Ophion, and also the Slavic Veles. Possibly called *kʷr̥mis, or some name cognate with *Velnos/Werunos or the root *Wel/Vel– (VS Varuna, who is associated with the serpentine naga, Vala and Vṛtra, Slavic Veles, Baltic velnias), or “serpent” (Hittite Illuyanka, VS Ahis, Iranian azhi, Greek ophis and Ophion, and Latin anguis), or the root *dheubh– (Greek Typhon and Python).

Written by Steven Hager

November 14, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Pythagoras was a stoner

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Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.18.19 PMNo person looms larger in the evolution of science, magic and religion than Pythagoras, who transformed the math, music and philosophy of his day, yet not a single document from his own hand exists, and his legacy is clouded by disinfo while people like Plato, Euclid and Copernicus get credit for most of his breakthroughs in philosophy and science.

Pythagoras is known today only for a theorem that carries his name, i.e.: the square of the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides. This equation formed the foundation for mathematics and none of the great cathedrals of Europe could have been built without it. In a similar way, the Gregorian Chants are based on Pythagorean equations. And yet, few know anything about the man, and most of what people know, is probably disinfo.

Born in a Greek colony, Pythagoras was a hybrid offspring, which likely contributed to his ability to move through many cultures of his time with such ease. He spent decades studying in Egypt, Persia and Greece, and became the finest orator, philosopher, magician and astrologer of his day. He was trained in the Zorastrian tradition by Zoroaster, the greatest Persian magician and someone who employed drinking milk mixed with cannabis as his primary ritual.

Toward the end of his life (at age 56), Pythagoras retired to an island off Italy, where he was joined by his most devoted disciples, establishing a monastic secret society devoted to music, meditation and scientific truth. They were vegetarians and would wear neither leather nor wool. Discoveries were shared only with members of the society and it took two years for new initiates to become fully accepted. Pythagoras had joined many such societies through his vast travels, but this was his hybridization of the best elements of them all.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.18.41 PMThe monastery met every morning at sunrise to greet the dawn with song and dance. Apollo held a special place in their hearts because after Herakles stole the treasured tripod of the Oracle of Delphi, it was Apollo who gave chase to make sure the sacred vessel was returned so that the Oracle could resume her prophesying.

The tripod is Saka or Zoroastrian in origin and would have been employed to burn cannabis flowers and other incenses. The Oracle would stand (or even sit) over the tripod while meditating and allow smoke and vapors enter her vagina. Although they employed a different delivery system, this is essentially what Zoroaster (and later Moses) did to achieve their revelations (which explains the “burning bush” reference in the Old Testament).

The Pythagoreans employed many sacred symbols, but especially beloved were the three-legged tripod and the triangular tetrad. Many legends claim the secrets of the tetrad (the harmonic intervals) were discovered only after Pythagoras heard some blacksmiths hammering with different size hammers, but in fact, this revelation was obviously achieved through the study of the seven-stringed lute because the math is only expressed through different string lengths.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 2.57.03 PMAnd that’s why I know the story of Pythagoras has been all mucked up with fake information. Was Pythagoras murdered or did he die of old age? Did he go bareheaded or wear a turban? And the most important question of all, did he use cannabis? Legend says he sacrificed 100 oxen after discovering his magic triangle theorem, but since he was non-violent and a devoted vegetarian, rest assured that detail was inserted by his enemies, as were many other rabbit holes.

But the legends don’t deny Pythagoras used a tripod in his ceremonies. They just don’t tell you what it’s significance was or how it connects to cannabis intoxication. If Pythagoras was doing it the old-fashioned Saka way, he would have simply placed the tripod with those burning coals and buds inside a small tent or tipi-like structure or even a closet, stepped inside and inhaled the vapors. Or he could have employed a reed or pipe to achieve much the same effect. But I will always believe Pythagoras (and Socrates after him) were devoted stoners.

Written by Steven Hager

November 12, 2015 at 3:49 pm

The True Story of Santa Claus

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Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.30.40 PMHere’s what a quarter looked like in ancient Persia. According to Wikipedia, this is Yahweh, seated on a wheel with wings, holding what appears to be a bird. Yahweh started out leading a pantheon as in Vedic, Nordic and Roman mythologies. Around 800 BC he becomes the only god, and you are not allowed to make representations of him or even say his name. Yahweh becomes Santa Claus. The bird is the elves and the flying wheel is the magic sleigh.

Maybe you fell for the hoodwink Santa was a mushroom. I know I did for years. It took me decades to figure out R. Gordon Wasson was a spook seeding disinfo. Same thing for the theory Jesus was a mushroom. Yes, Siberians used mushrooms during the ceremonies (and so did some Templars). But Siberian shamans don’t wear red, don’t worship reindeer, and don’t travel in sleighs. Others try to assert Santa was invented by Madison Avenue, when, in fact Santa emerged all over Europe during the Middle Ages.

Since Santa was built on top of the Saka ceremonies, he is really a father god, like Odin/Zeus/Jupiter. Sakas wore red outfits just like Santa. Santa’s hat is a phygerian with a puff ball, just like the Saka hat. Sakas worshiped a golden deer with antlers. In the beginning, the Saka god rode a magic horse with eight legs. His ravens morph into Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and magic elves in England. The primary intoxicate of the Saka for millennia was cannabis. No mushrooms nor mushroom iconography can be found in the kurgans, although cannabis abounds in the form of hemp clothing, hemp flowers and hemp seeds. Not to mention the elaborate golden chalices used for ceremonies have been found to contain residues of cannabis and opium. So where do you think Santa really came from? A mushroom? Or our Saka ancestors? If anything the Sakas influenced the Siberians, not the other way around.

godsSince Yahweh was inspired by cannabis users, one wonders how and why cannabis disappeared from world history, and why such an elaborate hoodwink was created to misdirect toward mushrooms. Because the Saka who started this didn’t have a written language, they left no explanation for the evolution of Yahweh into Santa Claus. In fact, the only thing they did leave us were their kurgan tombs, most of which were easily located and plundered because as soon as people in Russia realized the tombs were filled with golden objects, most kurgans got raided and all the priceless gold artifacts were melted down, a tremendous tragedy because of the quality of the craftsmanship, and also because the golden cups (chalices) were employed to drink cannabis and hot milk (with a tad of opium and/or ephedra if available).

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 5.55.06 AMIn 1716 Peter the Great was given sixty gold artifacts from a recently uncovered kurgan and issued an edict that he would pay far more money for any Saka gold artifacts left intact and not melted down. The most common artifact in the tombs were golden deer with elaborate antlers, leading me to believe the deer was an important source of food, even though the Saka had horses (which they ate), sheep, goats, oxen and hornless cattle. The two world wars ended kurgan exploration for a time but in the late 1940s, large-scale excavations took place around the Black Sea, and in the 1950s, kurgans were uncovered as far north as Siberia. But the first exhibition of Saka artifacts wasn’t held until 1975.

In 2002, Time-Warner published Jeannine Davis-Kimball’s Warrior Women, which detailed many females found in kurgans, most of whom were buried with armor and weapons because the Saka women were the source of the Greek Amazon myth. Strangely, you won’t find a single reference to cannabis in her book. Instead, the author makes only one reference to a nameless hallucinogen, which she claims was either smoked or consumed orally. Now ask yourself why the most important Saka sacrament can’t even get a proper ID. Why is our mainstream culture so resistant to giving cannabis its proper place in world history? I’d like to ask Davis-Kimball why she chose to leave the words “cannabis” and “hemp” out of her book entirely, and whether that was something encouraged by the editors at Time-Warner.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.49.19 PMWhile it’s true Coca-Cola and Madison Avenue crafted the modern image of Santa, their version is not that far from Santas found all over Europe in the Middle Ages. Here is the ancient Dutch version, where Santa’s Saka-style hat has morphed into a Mitre like those worn by Popes and Bishops, all in an attempt to Christianize the holiday cerebrating the benevolent father god of our ancient ancestors.

Written by Steven Hager

November 12, 2015 at 6:06 am

Why Manson matters and what that tells us about Passio

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Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.41.00 AMCharlie Manson was 34-years-old when he arrived in Haight-Ashbury, a fatherless child, abandoned by a prostitute mother, in-and-out of jail his entire life. The teen hippie subculture was easily penetrated by anyone growing their hair, even those in their mid-30s, and Charlie assembled a harem of runaway girls captivated by his prison power games. Charlie had been introduced to Scientology while in jail and mastered the e-meter while developing an understanding of sexual hang-ups. Scientology was all about confronting your hang-ups. Pretty soon, the girls decided Charlie must be the second coming of Jesus Christ, something Charlie never disputed.

Charlie had been briefly housed at the notorious Boy’s Town outside Omaha, Nebraska, an orphanage employed for decades as trolling grounds for recruiting teen sex slaves for CIA entrapment schemes. (If you find that allegation hard to swallow, just google “Franklin cover-up.”) But I consider attempts to portray Charlie as an MKULTRA far-fetched. However, I do believe Charlie was splattered all across the media because the powers-that-be were seeking an evil hippie icon to derail the peaceful counterculture revolution that had been pulling teens out of their middle class homes for years.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 7.47.43 AMThe most enduring element of the Manson case was Charlie’s deployment of lyrics as secret message and he eventually keyed in on Paul McCartney’s proto-heavy metal Helter Skelter, Paul’s attempt to produce the rawest, loudest rock song possible. An early take lasted over 20 minutes but when they sped up the tempo, Paul’s vocals got wilder, George began walking around the studio with a flaming ashtray on his head, while Ringo threw his sticks across the room, complaining of blisters. When the song was released in the fall of 1968, Helter Skelter ignited a shift in Charlie’s raps. Suddenly the universal love rap was gone, replaced by fear as the path to enlightenment. Charlie lost a few converts, most notably his second-in-command Paul Watkins, who were smart enough to get out before the bloodbath began.

When you get to the bottom
You go back to the top of the slide
And you stop and you turn
And you go for a ride
Then you get to the bottom
Then you see me again

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 9.07.13 AMHelter skelter (left) is a children’s amusement ride found at English carnivals, essentially a tower with a spiral slide. Charlie convinced his flock the song was actually a secret message sent from the Beatles to Charlie, and it was his job to spark the coming race war that had been predicted by the Process Church of Final Judgment (the spookiest of the pseudo-hippie cults). The Process was pushing fear buttons just like Charlie, which is why he was so attracted to some of their dogma. But the Process was not “controlling” Charlie as hinted at by Ed Sanders and others. Charlie was running his own movie.

Post Manson it suddenly became difficult to hitch-hike, something hippie teens had been doing for years, crisscrossing America at will. Longhaired freaks were no longer harmless buffoons, but potential mass murderers in the eyes of the mainstream.

While I don’t swallow the tall tales of Manson being a robot under someone else’s control, I can’t help but notice his technique of reading secret messages in the mass media has become the go-to strategy employed by the disinfo machine keeping mud in the conspiracy waters. Back to the Future is a sterling example of this disinfo technique. Twin Pines mall, we are supposed to believe, is a reference to the Twin Towers. Is it worth noting this meme was created by Apophenia Productions and apophenia is the attempt to connect dots that don’t connect? Whenever you find ridiculous theories constructed from reading secret messages in the media (and this is the favorite technique of “researchers” like Mark Passio), rest assured you have entered the magical realms of Apophenia. If nothing else, Charlie has demonstrated how delusional that sort of thinking is.

Written by Steven Hager

October 28, 2015 at 9:57 am

Oswald’s wallets are a key to the JFK assassination

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Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.18.35 AMPatterns are the key element in unmasking deep state operations because counterintelligence employs time-tested strategies to assure the success of their missions. One tool in their arsenal is planting evidence at the scene pointing toward a designated patsy. Along these lines you’ll find the pristine bullet left on JFK’s stretcher at Parkland Hospital, a driver’s license planted in a stolen car following the Charlie Hebdo assassinations in France and a passport found in the rubble of the World Trade Towers. (Although people and their clothing vaporized, a paper passport remained intact.)

Most Americans aren’t aware Lee Harvey Oswald became a suspect only after a wallet was planted at the scene of the murder of officer J.D. Tippett. This wallet became the key evidence employed to prove Oswald murdered Tippet. The wallet contained an Alek James Hidell ID card, and since the alleged murder weapon had been ordered by someone using that name, that ID became the key evidence to convince many Oswald murdered JFK as well. The wallet was discovered 40 minutes after JFK’s assassination and within minutes of its discovery, Oswald was ID’d as the primary suspect in JFK’s death. He was arrested 45 minutes after Tippet’s murder.

There was one glaring problem with this timeline, however. When Oswald was arrested at the movie theater, he refused to give a name to the arresting officers. They removed his wallet in order to ID him. Both wallets were duly entered into a chain of custody, yet only one wallet was sent to Washington DC, while the other remained buried in Dallas at the police station and would not be uncovered for decades.

DirtyMoneyCoversmashwordsPrior to the assassination, someone was going around Dallas posing as Oswald, planting evidence. Foremost among these ops was one staged at a shooting range where Oswald talked of killing Kennedy. Obviously, this Oswald poser carried a set of Oswald IDs and it was this wallet that appeared at the scene of the Tippet murder. While none of the witnesses mentioned a wallet (and one of them used Tippet’s radio to call for help), after the ambulance and police and a news crew showed up, some anonymous person handed a wallet to the arriving officer saying it had been “left at the scene.” Also found were four spent cartridges from Oswald’s revolver. In other words, we are expected to believe Oswald shot Tippet, then calmly emptied his revolver cartridges and tossed his wallet on the ground so police would have the evidence needed to convict him.

Meanwhile, when Oswald was booked his hands showed no evidence of firing a weapon and it was a Mauser that was initially discovered inside the School Book Depository, not the Mannlicher Carcano ordered by Alek Hidell. They were able to substitute in the Carcano and it was tested for fingerprints, but had none. Fortunately, when tested later, after Oswald’s murder, a palm print matching Oswald’s was found, leading to speculation that print had been taken off a corpse.

Written by Steven Hager

October 21, 2015 at 11:34 am

Subliminal Advertising and other Rabbit Holes

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Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.14.59 AMIn the Fifth Century BC, Histiaeus was the ruler of Miletus on the western edge of Turkey when Darius enlisted him in his war against the Sakas, the most under-appreciated culture in world history, probably because they spread cannabis use to China, India, Europe and the Middle East from their original home somewhere in the Ukraine. The Sakas domesticated the horse, invented the wheel, built the first covered wagons and were the greatest horsemen and archers of their time. They preferred to trade, however, and had captured a large chunk of the silk, spice and drug trade when Darius decided to go to war against them. Darius had conquered most of the known world and sought to subdue the mighty Saka empire. (It didn’t happen. The Sakas just kept migrating away until Darius gave up chasing them.)

Histiaeus was placed in charge of guarding the key bridge across the Danube and entered into complex negotiations with the Sakas, who wanted that bridge destroyed. Afterwards, he was sent to Susa as punishment, where he plotted a return to power. When ready to launch his revolt, he shaved the head of a slave, tattooed the Persian battle plans on it, and then waited for the slave’s hair to grow before sending him on a secret mission. This was not a case of subliminal messaging, but steganography, an art-form frequently employed by spooks to this day. In fact, any photographic image can be secretly embedded with maps or text messages only those with a decoder can decipher and these images can be posted on innocuous websites that seem to contain harmless content. Happens every day.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.09.38 AMIn 1974, Wilson Bryan Key released a shocking expose on the print media claiming advertisements in the mass media were airbrushed with secret messages, mostly obscene words and sexually-charged shapes. In 1957, Vance Packard had published an expose on the advertising industry’s latest techniques titled The Hidden Persuaders. Packard’s book had been a bestseller and Key pushed his book as the latest developments in the industry. After reading it, many became convinced the media was conspiring to program the American population, especially after James Vicar claimed to have conducted a study proving subliminals in films worked.

There was only one glaring problem: it was all complete hokum. Vicar invented the study and when asked to replicate it, the hoax was unveiled. Likewise, instead of investigating the industry and interviewing people involved, Key had confined his research to photographs in magazines and newspapers. After much meditation, he began locating the word “fuck” in just about every newspaper and magazine photo he looked at. He especially liked analyzing shapes in ice cubes and claimed ice was employed to more easily hide the sexual image.

Unfortunately, this information ran like a wildfire through the counterculture. I first became aware of the theory when High Times did a cover story on Key’s book. Instead of exposing the scam, High Times presented it as real info. Thus a major rabbit hole was seeded into the counterculture collective unconscious, one that could have easily been disproven with a smidgen of gum-shoe research. It’s a hole many others would follow.

The modern equivalent of that great subliminal advertising hoax is the current trend for examining mass media for clues about shootings and other terror events, as if these events are being orchestrated years in advance by a satanic cult with immense power that seeks to reveal their power and control by planting clues in film and TV months or even years before the event. Mark Passio, one of the characters pushing this type of meme, has hundreds of hours of video you can watch free online. But watching this video is a form of mind control itself, and certainly not a mechanism for unveiling mind control. The more hours you log, the more you fall into his rabbit hole. But like Key before him, the dots being lined up here do not connect, and in another twenty years this hoodwink will become clear.

Written by Steven Hager

October 14, 2015 at 10:21 am


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