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Inside the Vaccination Wars

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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.04.14 AMAndrew Wakefield just won’t go away. The former British doctor and medical researcher can’t practice medicine anymore and refuses to admit to the 12 charges of fraud he’s been convicted of. There are two possibilities: 1) Wakefield is a fraud; 2) Wakefield is a legitimate whistle-blower trying to clear his name.

One thing we should agree on: There’s been an alarming rise of mental disorders in children and this epidemic is growing fast. Whatever toxins are causing this trend should be identified asap but there doesn’t seem to be much attention on solving the problem. The vaccine debate instantly degenerated into two polarized sides with their own sets of data and experts, neither of which recognize validity in the other side. Meanwhile, in the 1970s, one in 2,000 children had autism, and now it’s one in 45 and climbing with a bullet.

Wakefield directed a film and Robert De Niro wanted to screen it at his Tribeca Film Festival, but as soon as the film’s inclusion was announced, a pressure drop came down and the film was pulled. A major part of the film deals with a CDC whistle-blower named Dr. William Thompson and phone calls he made to Dr. Brian Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.26.45 AMHooker, wherein he described fraud at the CDC.

Unfortunately, the website carrying Wakefield’s flag is NaturalNews, run by the mysterious Mike Adams, aka The Health Ranger. Adams runs a health supplement business (i.e. scam) using a click-bait website to drive sales. His headlines tell people what they already suspect while promising explosive new info that always turns out to be speculation with no basis in fact. Adams runs enormous link farms with over 86 sites under his control. The purpose of this net is to artificially inflate traffic to his main site.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 10.13.39 AMAdams is a critic of Monsanto and believes 9/11 was an inside job. So far so good, but unfortunately, he also promotes stories Sandy Hook never happened, the Aurora shooting was a CIA plot, and planes are spraying chemtrails to poison us. This appears to be the standard disinfo op of mixing mud into any waters of real investigation. His scope of operations is immense, but Adams doesn’t seem to have an office and employs a mail drop. His past is rather murky and his gut-sucking self-portraits might be better suited for a dating site. Adams might be doing counterintel for Monsanto or Lilly or the CIA. One thing for sure, he’s not a legitimate source of info, so if Wakefield wants to appear legit, Adams is the sort of person he should steer clear of. The credibility of the film depends on Thompson to a large degree, so a rug might be pulled out from under Wakefield’s film fairly soon.

Someday in the far, far future, independent supervision might be installed at the CDC and the revolving door with Big Pharma closed forever. Do vaccines harm some kids? Why else would our kangaroo vaccine court pay out millions in damages? Could we produce safer vaccines? No doubt, but that won’t be on our national agenda as long as they they keep us focused on a war between “vaxxers” versus “anti-vaxxers.” And that, Virginia, is what dialectical social control is all about.


Written by Steven Hager

March 30, 2016 at 10:27 am

David Icke and the Satanic Hoax

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Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.33.12 AMDavid Icke lost a promising career in soccer due to joint issues and lost an equally promising career in BBC sports broadcasting due to mental issues. He’d become a leading spokesperson for the Green Party in England before spending a few months in Saudi Arabia, and when he returned, he rocketed off planet earth into the realms of delusion and egomania. Strangely, he quickly became the world’s most successful and widely-known conspiracy theorist. Why? Because spooks control the Tin Foil Hat Disinfo Matrix just like they control the mainstream media.

In March 1991, Icke held three press conferences to explain how a recent psychic experience had transformed him into the “Son of the Godhead” and his divinely inspired automatic writings foretold the end of the world by 1997. He promised the cliffs of Kent would be underwater by Christmas. Icke became the laughingstock of England almost overnight.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the looney bin. Icke began mixing up bits of real information with crackpot delusions. He claimed a small cabal at the top of the banking/oil/chemical industries was instigating terror for social control and schools were dumbing people down. He claimed the control mechanisms ran through secret societies that included Masonry and its offshoots. He claimed children were being prostituted to people at high levels of power, a nasty secret that accidentally burst into view with the collapse of the CIA-connected Franklin Savings and Loan in Omaha, Nebraska.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 9.33.28 AMIcke is playing an important role in spook world. He lost a $200,000 judgment against a Canadian lawyer who claimed his book Children of the Matrix libeled Jewish people. Icke places the center of power inside the Rockefeller/Rothschild axis, but asserts they are alien-human hybrids who shape-ship at will and have lizard-like skins in their natural state.

If you analyze this op, it’s possible one intent is to make the power of the Rockefeller/Rothschild axis seem divinely inspired by merging them with alien gods. The most obvious intent is to hide some truth by wrapping it in a stinking pile of bullshit. Icke scares people with magic tales, and fear is the basis of all apocalyptic religion, as well as the more modern forms of mind control.

I don’t believe Icke’s rise to fame was achieved organically and wonder if the Icke we see today wasn’t influenced somehow by those mystery months in Saudi Arabia.

“There are indications that the ritual of the Eucharist is a reflection of earlier rituals related to human sacrifice and blood drinking,” writes Icke. “There is the emphasis on symbolically eating the body of Jesus and drinking his blood as red wine. We might expect, therefore, that the Christian Church would be a front for Satanism and its blood and sacrifice rituals. That, it turns out, is precisely what it is.”

DisinfoPoster_edited-1The above is an example of connecting dots that don’t connect while skipping over the most important dots. Yes, the Eucharist has at its roots a Zoroastrian Eucharist, and before that a Scythian Eucharist that began millennia ago with the drinking of blood of a vanquished enemy from his decapitated skullcap. But between the blood drinking, there were many centuries of drinking cannabis and milk from a golden chalice. Don’t you think that’s an important piece of information to know when discussing the significance of the Eucharist? It’s absurd to claim a hidden religion born millennia ago has existed unchanged, or that a secret cabal of satanists is running the Christian religions. The rules of magic apply equally to all no matter what icons appear on any altars, and when someone tries to scare you with boogie-man stories about the devil, it’s always a hoodwink. Always.


Written by Steven Hager

March 28, 2016 at 10:32 am

Jordan Maxwell and the Anunnaki Hoax

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Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 9.13.53 AM“Magic wands were always made out of the wood of a Holly tree. It’s made out of Holly wood. Hollywood is a Druidic establishment and the symbols, the words, the terms, the stories, are designed.  Think about it. Think about how Hollywood does what they do. I’m not saying they’re evil, I’m just explaining how Hollywood works.” -Jordan Maxwell

Although Jordan Maxwell (real name Russell Pine) self-describes himself as the world’s leading expert in the occult, in fact, he is the historical equivalent of Lucy in Peanuts (just making up shit as he goes along). He claims there’s a star-gate in Iraq that instantly teleports anyone to a military base on Mars, and the world has been secretly run by lizards from another dimension for millennia. The amazing thing is some people actually fall for his hoodwinks.

I’d like to point out the use of magic sticks goes back into prehistory and the wood initially associated with wands was walnut, and later other nut trees, but never a holly tree. The origins of the name Hollywood are easily researched and has zero to do with Druids. I just want you to see how shallow Maxwell’s understanding of magic is, and how easily 99% of his “research” can be exposed by consulting the Internet.

DisinfoPoster_edited-1So how does a transparent quack get propelled to the front lines of the conspiracy media and become an influential figure? I suggest the Tin Foil Hat Disinfo Matrix is well organized, composed of spooks, kooks, players and played, and it’s hard to tell the brainwashed true-believers (and MKULTRA mind control victims) from the spooks. But I can assure you the crowd Maxwell runs with (Icke, Tsarion, Passio) are card carrying members of a managed dialectic whose primary purpose is spreading a tin foil blanket over events like 9/11.

The style of this op is to twist history into some wildly paranoid conspiracy involving good versus bad aliens or other such transparent hokum. Some of Maxwell’s dogma is extracted straight from Bible quotes, but his mainstays are direct from Manley P. Hall’s investigations into occult literature. But it doesn’t matter where your dogma comes from, it’s still just dogma and nothing more. Maxwell can rant for hours about solar cults and moon cults and astro-astrology, but doesn’t have a clue about the Scythian influence on mythology and religion. If you want to know what preceeded Sumeria and Egypt, look toward the Black Sea, and the people who first domesticated horses and invented the wheel.

Maxwell claims the winged globe of ancient times was a reference to a UFO spacecraft, which is absurd. The evolution of the winged globe and its importance in the Zoroastrian religion, and eventual morphing into the caduceus, is important, so I wonder why the Disinfo Matrix obscures its meaning with a UFO hoax. Could it be because the winged globe symbolizes the effects of cannabis? One thing you need to know about Scythians: they loved cannabis, which is why the Zoroastrian version of the Eucharist served cannabis and hot milk (often with a dash of opium, ephedra and spices).

Maxwell claims to have met a psychic early in life who foretold his destiny as a great person. That’s exactly what David Icke claims so I suspect this might be a reference to their MKULTRA hypnotherapist. He also claims to have spent his early years investigating Communism, and if that is so, I wonder why he says nothing about the vast intel penetration and manipulation of the communist networks. But some of his biggest blunders concern the Holy Grail and his belief that the myth is all about Jesus.

Trust me, any time someone tries to scare you with magic or religion, it’s always a hoodwink. Painting pictures of an alien boogie-man secretly running the world is a hoodwink because all it accomplishes is to let the real criminals off the hook, because none of them are lizard aliens.

Written by Steven Hager

March 27, 2016 at 10:39 am

Michael Tsarion and the UFO hoax

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DisinfoPoster_edited-1If you are wondering how the status quo keeps such a tight lid on obvious crimes like 9/11, look no further than their Disinfo Matrix, a Tin Foil Hat brigade spreading clouds of mud on any real attempts to penetrate intel ops.

Immediately after JFK was assassinated, gatekeepers with ties to military intelligence swarmed the scene, most notable Mark Lane and Mary Ferrell. Even today, few realize the extent of intel manipulation into the creation of the JFK research community, which is why it took so long to find any threads of real info inside the snowstorm of disinfo they manufactured.

Michael Tsarion (real name Brian Heatley) considers himself an expert on magic, ancient civilizations, psychic vampirism and secret societies. Since these are some of my areas of expertise, I can comfortably assure you Heatley is not a legit historian nor magician and most everything he says is an obvious fabrication. His videos and books are immense rabbit holes leading nowhere that will hopefully soon wither and fade away.

Heatley’s real place in the universe is placing a tin foil blanket over what is really going on, and this op is not something new. These characters like Tsarion, Icke and Passio evolved from a long line of spooks parading as mystics with secret hidden info.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 2.27.37 PMBecoming an internationally celebrated psychic is not easily accomplished. Almost all depend on carnival hoodwinks and the trickery can be easily exposed. The real ones keep their inspirations to themselves and never know when a psychic intuition might hit them. But if you are someone with powerful connections, fake psychic powers can be vetted by the established media and your ticket prices and book sales will soar! Spook psychics have always been engineered close to people high in the oligarchies with tendencies towards magical thinking in order to influence their behavior. But the same sort of thing goes on with mainstream religion.

Mainstream religion was constructed as a power base and profit stream and occultism was constructed to ensnare those who escaped the mainstream religion. Occultism was never a fountain of great wisdom, any more than religion, although both contain elements of wisdom, their paradigms are dominated by dogma, agenda and fakery. This chain of corruption runs through Alessandro Cagliostro, Compte de Saint-Germain, Helen Blavatsky up to and including Aleister Crowley, all of whom claimed to have uncovered secrets of the universe, but none came close to solving the secret of the Holy Grail or even identifying the active ingredient in the sacred oil of Abramelin employed by the world’s greatest magicians for millennia.

According to Tsarion, our earth is secretly controlled by aliens from another galaxy and Jesus was one of them, a man who fell to earth from an interplanetary spacecraft. This hoodwink is not that far off from Scientology. Heatley considers himself an expert on Camelot and believes the grail is about Jesus. In fact, the grail emanates from ancient Scythia long before the time of Jesus, and King Arthur was just an update on Heracles, but instead of 12 labors, he had to win 12 battles. Before the Christian censors got control of this story, the grail was an object required to bring peace to the kingdom. It was never about the chalice itself, but the magic potion found inside.

I’ve made some videos to help lead people out of the rabbit holes.

Abraham Bolden & Thomas Vallee are keys to the JFK assassination

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Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.56.40 AMTwenty-three days before the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Lee Harvey Oswald walked into the FBI offices in Dallas and delivered a handwritten note for agent James Hosty. After JFK’s murder, Hosty was ordered to destroy this note and it took many years to uncover what that note might have said and why it had to be destroyed immediately after the assassination. The official story given by Hosty was it contained “some sort of threat,” but that later changed to the more ludicrous: “stay away from my wife.”

In fact, the note most likely claimed that a four-man assassination team had assembled in Chicago for the purpose of assassinating JFK on his way to Soldier Field for the annual Army-Air Force football game, an assassination scheduled to take place on November 2. We only know all this because a Chicago-based secret service agent named Abraham Bolden was asked to investigate the allegation and two men were placed under surveillance and soon picked up later that day and brought to the Secret Service offices in Chicago, and then mysteriously released without being conclusively identified for the record. These two suspects may have been John Roselli and Bill Harvey, or maybe those were the guys not picked up, but it’s clear the two suspects were spooks just from the way the investigation unfolded without arrest or noticeable investigative paperwork. Bolden only knew that the tip had come from an FBI informant named “Lee.” And he later turned whistleblower and paid the price. More on that later.

By strange coincidence, another chance encounter had put the assassination mission in jeopardy, as the patsy had inadvertently prematurely come under investigation. And that patsy bore an amazing resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald. His name was Thomas Arthur Vallee and he’d been overheard making threats against JFK at a diner, where he was confronted by an undercover officer who reported the incident to Chicago Secret Service.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.52.17 AMTwo Chicago police officers were sent to investigate Vallee, and they both ended up rising rapidly through the ranks: Daniel Groth and Peter Schurla. Right around the time JFK cancelled his Chicago trip (just an hour before he was due to take off), Groth and Schurla went to see Vallee.

He told them he’d been assigned to a U2 base in Japan (just like Oswald) and had a small arsenal and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. He was a devoted member of the John Birch Society, which means he likely believed JFK was a communist agent bent on destruction of the United States.

Photos of his vehicle revealed that Vallee had a license plate that was protected by national security. He was also a certified mental patient with a metal plate in his head and a history of emotional breakdowns.

Since there was also another plot based in Miami one wonders if an ex-Marine from a U2 base in Japan was also being moved into a tall office building overlooking a parade route because that’s what happened to both Oswald and Vallee during the month of November. More likely, however, the Miami plot would have involved a Cuban patsy and there were so many to choose from. But the locations of Chicago, Miami and Dallas are telling because that’s where Dulles and Angelton felt they had the most control over the situation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.46.32 PMAnd what about Bolden? Well, he tried to testify before the Warren Commission. But before that happened, he was set up on a bribery and attempted murder charge.  Bolden served 39 months in jail and two and a half years probation. Afterwards he would write a book asserting the assassination was a conspiracy and the Secret Service was a racist and corrupt organization that overlooked boozing and broads on duty for the elite insiders. And it also later emerged the key figure in setting Bolden up to prevent his Warren Commission testimony was none other than John Roselli, one of the three assassins of JFK. Roselli’s stool pigeon, who testified against Bolden, later recanted and claimed all accusations had been coerced in exchange for a lenient sentence on an unrelated gambling charge.

Some day Bolden’s name will be added to the rolls of great African-American patriots who suffered greatly in the name of righteousness.

Written by Steven Hager

March 9, 2016 at 12:50 pm

My Vinyl review

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After watching the first two hours of the new Scorcese series on HBO, I realized it was really Boardwalk Empire Redux. Or maybe Bowery Empire. The first thing that hit me is the way innovators get pushed aside after the corporations take over. Glam did not start with the Dolls or Bowie, but in 1969 in Haight-Ashbury. Housing was really cheap in those days, nothing approaching the stratospheric heights of today and strangers suddenly found themselves living in Victorian mansions in total freedom. There was a lot of sexual experimentation going on and hang-ups and inhibitions were viewed as speed bumps on the road to happiness. Grace Slick was the dark diva everyone wanted to go home with, and possessed a mock torture chamber in her basement for fun and  games. Listening to some of her lyrics, I get the impression she defrocked a few teenage runaways, while opening up their sexual imaginations.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.41.18 AMIn one of these Victorian mansions lived a highly eclectic group of artists, musicians and eccentrics some of whom were gay and the gayest of the bunch led the entire commune (which numbered over 40 people) into dressing and acting like flamboyant transvestites. Living that role all the time. The Cockettes got so big that in 1971 they were flown to New York City to meet Andy and the NY scene. So Scorcese left out the real beginnings, and, as usual the gay element involved in creating glam and punk seems strangely missing. If I was writing this story, it would have opened with 44 drag queens boarding a flight to New York City from San Francisco.

Terence Winter loves to take real stories and embellish them with fantasy details for maximum sex and violence. Me, I hate that shit and prefer scripts to remain as close to the truth as possible. I think we have enough violence worship and don’t need to add to the pile.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.35.07 AMThe central character in Vinyl is based mostly on Walter Yentikof, a Jewish kid from Brooklyn who became a lawyer for a record company and eventually became the chief executive in charge, although he was in a drugged and drunken fog most of the time. Late in life he met a Catholic priest who reformed him, and Walter now spends a lot of time working with addicts in recovery. Another thinly masked character is Morris Levy, who also made several appearances in The Sopranos. In 1984, I was working on a script about Frankie Lymon and called up Levy’s office. Much to my surprise, I immediately found myself talking to Morris, and he was engagingly entertaining, nothing like what I expected. He didn’t really care some people thought he’d ripped off his artists, mostly on publishing rights, and had no apologies for anything. I don’t think Morris personally participated in any beat-downs like the one in Vinyl. But I could be wrong. I think The Sopranos got closer to the real Morris Levy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.40.25 AMNext up is the young Kip Stevens of the Nasty Bits, a character molded on Richard Hell. First of all, why does this dude have an English accent? This confuses everything because so many people think punk started in England based on the Sex Pistols being the first punk band they ever heard. And why is he not playing a bass guitar?

Richard is a key figure in many aspects, mostly for his song The Blank Generation. Putting a tag on your generation that sticks is a sign of a true artist. It was really a sort of redux of England’s angry young men. Richard, Patti Smith and Talking Heads were highbrow intellectuals compared with the band that created the punk sound, The Ramones. Will they make an appearance? One wonders.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 5.36.06 AMI remember well the first time I bumped into Richard in the halls of Danceteria. He seemed like a dangerous character about to explode on stage, and most people in the punk scene were not exactly friendly to strangers, so I was amazed at how casually he started conversing with me, as if we were old friends. He made some witty observations on various people in the room and had me laughing out loud immediately. Richard also played a role in the hairstyles that were to follow, as well as the fashions. If only they kept him true to his real self. The brawl with the audience in Vinyl seems more Wayne County, or later, James Chance, than Richard Hell.

The collapse of the main performance space for this emerging scene, The Mercer Arts building, did not occur during a performance, but in the middle of the afternoon. And when Terence says the band on stage rehearsing escaped alive, he disappoints because he doesn’t realize four people lost their lives in that collapse. It was the collapse of Mercer Arts that led to CBGB’s taking the center of gravity.

But the single element that bothered me most was the scene when the record executive is driving around and stumbles across Sedgwick and Cedar in the South Bronx, apparently for Cindy’s birthday party, which is considered the birth of hip hop. But instead of this party being dominated by junior high school crews and remnants of the street gangs, it’s a bunch of middle-aged people, an old blues player, and a middle-aged stickup artist, and not any junior high school kids from the South Bronx, who would soon become known as Herc’s b-boys. And why isn’t Coke on the mic goin’, “you rock and you don’t stop?”


Reflections on the far side of the moon

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Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.01.45 AMThe far side of the moon is heavily pockmarked with craters, looking much different from the side we see.

It’s a fallacy to think there’s a dark side to the moon because the sun shines equally on all sides. It’s just that one side is angled away from us, so over time we can observe about 60% of the orb. But the part we don’t see is not any darker than the rest.

The actual color of the moon is grey, but the newest pockets on the surface have a darker color.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.02.09 AMIn fact, most of the dark part faces us, leaving me to wonder if the earth’s gravity plays a role on moon evolution.

It’s not orthodox science or accepted into the current accepted paradigm, but I believe planets expand, the same as the entire universe is doing.

Expansion also makes a better explanation for the evolution of our planet versus the current hypothesis, which states that continents float around willynilly, crashing and bashing into each other.

subductionThe oldest land on earth is on top of the continental crust, while the newest land is forming under the ocean floor, which is where the expansion is taking place.

But just as in the moon, Earth’s expansion does not seem to be happening in a symmetrical fashion, and it seems to push harder to the north than to the south, and I say this simply based on where the biggest mountains have formed and where the strongest subduction occurs.

I have to give credit to Neal Adams for cluing me into this theory. The other big revelation that came from this information was that oil is likely abiotic, meaning its a bye-product of subduction and may involve rock and minerals as much or more than organic matter. When they launched the Peak Oil scare seven years ago (which is how they drove the price of oil over $100 a barrel for years), I never fell for the scam and sensed the industry was just milking the last stages of toxic fuel before renewable energy took over. It can’t happen fast enough. And please don’t buy into gas cars because the price of oil is falling. It will continue to fall. But dismantling the oil and chemical industries (and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives) is the biggest challenge we face.

On a final note, while the moon does influence ocean tides, proximity is everything when it comes to gravity. Standing on your head will have far more influence on your bodily fluids than anything the moon could ever do.

Written by Steven Hager

January 12, 2016 at 11:31 am

Posted in Conspiracy theory


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