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End of the shooter rabbit hole?

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800px-ExeneI remember when X came to the Peppermint Lounge in 1981. Jim Fouratt was wearing a red sportcoat and looked a bit like David Bowie that night.

The club that had launched the “twist” craze of the sixties transformed into a notorious gay disco before returning for a brief fling as the coolest spot in New York, home of the reigning garage-rock kings, the Cramps.

X represented the best of the LA Punk scene and Exene Cervenka was their female vocalist. Their first excellent album had been produced by Door’s keyboardist Ray Manzarek, and the second was even better. I especially loved the song, Universal Corner.

A few years ago, Exene re-invented herself as a “conspiracy theorist” in the vein of David Icke and Alex Jones, both of whom support the most paranoid rabbit holes possible in a quest for views because paranoia sells. Whether knowing or unknowing, paranoid ops are designed to give a bad name to all conspiracy research, and especially attempts to peer inside events like the JFK assassination or 9/11.

You don’t hear much about 9/11 from Icke, Jones or Exene, but a few years ago all three began jumping on every shooter incident, claiming they were all MKULTRA-style mind control operations designed to promote gun control laws. Actually, the NRA is one of the strongest forces in Washington and has no fear of Congress or its laws. More important, almost every shooter incident I’ve investigated involved pills. We have an explosion of mental health problems created by chemical pollution, and some of that pollution involves SSRI’s, the use of which is exploding despite evidence of negative side effects.

The most incredible nonsense has been spread online concerning the Sandy Hook event, much of it manufactured through the obvious disinfo site Veteran’s Today. Exene was pushing this crap on her Youtube, but when she tried to play that card with the more recent Santa Barbara shooting, the outcry was so great, she apologized and removed the video from her site.

So I hope this spells the end of attempts to capitalize on tragic events by claiming they never happened, a great insult to the victims and their families. And maybe Exene will stop pushing apocalyptic memes of alien invasions and actually do some real research into 9/11. We can only hope.

Next time you run across clickbait concerning a shooter incident, like it didn’t happen, please give it a wide birth and realize this the muck being manufactured to obscure 9/11, not reveal it.

Written by Steven Hager

August 28, 2014 at 8:33 am

Marijuana prohibition was a conspiracy

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NPEcoverNow that we see the effects of legal weed in Colorado, one wonders why this plant has been so persecuted for 2,000 years.

Reefer madness in North America may have begun a mere 80 years ago with the first anti-cannabis laws passed in Texas as means of controlling Mexican immigrants, but the persecution kicked off much earlier.

Funny the history books don’t mention that when cannabis and man got together around the Ukraine some 10,000 years ago, stoners soon domesticated horses and invented the wheel, and pretty soon hemp-covered wagons were traveling the silk road and over the Khyber Pass, dropping hemp seeds all along the way.

Eventually, great Temples emerged along these trails, and even though we call them “fire” temples today, they were all serving hot milk and cannabis as a medicine and sacrament. A revolutionary idea emerged, the idea of a single great spirit uniting everything. It was an altar that unified everything and instantly transformed all the known gods and goddesses, angels and demons to the role of facets of the same crystal.

This idea spread quickly from the East to the West and eventually threatened the power and prestige of the world-dominating Roman Empire, an oligarchy ruled by elite families bent on global domination. But some sorcerers inside that oligarchy did an amazing trick. They co-opted the one-god concept, while removing the real sacrament. They also invented a ton of dogma designed to help keep the oligarchy in control. And they kept their original sacrament, alcohol, the sacrament of warrior culture. Skip forward a hundred years saying the word “cannabis” in a Catholic country might get you dragged before the Inquisitor General, even though everyone knew the rope was made from it. Francois Rabelais had to refer to the plant in code to avoid persecution, even though he was the leading doctor and alchemist of his time, and well aware of the plant’s powers.

But after the hammer of the United States government fell on cannabis 80 years ago, a small group in New Orleans who used it in ceremonies refused to give it up. Probably because some felt it made them perform better. These few unknown laid the foundation for blues, jazz, rock, folk, hip hop in a place called Congo Square, a place I consider the real Mecca of North America.

Now consider the great wheel of life and how it spins round and round and the same dramas appear over and over, and consider that the Inquisition really got started after a group calling themselves The Society of  Smokers appeared in Northern Italy and Southern France, who started writing the first secular sheet music, something that must have infuriated the Vatican, which held a patent on music. Whatever happened, the Society of Smokers were suddenly erased off the face of the earth with zero mention in the history books. Fortunately, a few scraps of sheet music survived and I’m sure the Vatican has the mother lode stored away. Just think about how the Society of Smokers and those pioneers of Congo Square in New Orleans were both using cannabis as a tool to elevate their minds and their music. And consider Congo Square manifested a culture that has used music as a tool to end both the War in Vietnam and marijuana prohibition.

A great re-awakening and remembering will soon flood across the land. All I ask is that you remember cannabis prohibition was a conspiracy and our next mission should be to dismantle the war for profit conspiracy.

Written by Steven Hager

July 30, 2014 at 10:56 am

How to build a boogieman called terror

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bildeMeet James Cromitie who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many young blacks, especially those railroaded into prison by our racist and unjust drug laws, have two choices in life: join a gang or join the Muslims. Cromitie picked the Muslims.

But then he was unlucky enough to visit a Mosque in his hometown of Newburgh, New York, the same day an FBI informant arrived trolling for terrorist wannabes.

See the FBI has 15,000 informants on its payroll. I call these dudes “spooks.” Many are criminals who bartered their way out of a jam by turning into secret FBI agents. The FBI dude from Pakistan took an interest in Cromitie and asked him if he’d like to make $250,000.

As someone who has bicycled through the town of Newburgh on the way to Woodstock, I can assure you it’s one of the most poverty-stricken areas in upstate New York and the promise of a $250,000 payday is enough to get one of its poorer residents to agree to just about anything, although the FBI tapes reveal Cromitie would not agree to do any act that hurt anyone, only to destroy property that the FBI dude wanted blown up.

shahedhussainMeet Shahed Hussain, who hatched this plot and recruited Cromitie. He drove a different luxury car to every meeting with Cromitie and seems to have amassed a fleet of high-end vehicles from doing undercover work for the FBI the last few years, but then there are another 15,000 informants just like Hussain trolling America and trying to recruit poor saps into jihad honeytraps, and many of them undoubtedly have amassed their own luxury fleets as well.

After promising Cromitie $250,000 for a couple day’s work, Hussain asked Cromitie to recruit some more Muslims, as this jihad needed more terrorists in order to look more like a serious conspiracy. Hassain lured the four men across state lines to pick up a stinger missile launcher for him. Crossing state lines turned this conspiracy into a Federal matter and the stinger missiles made it a mandatory 25-year sentence thanks to the Patriot Act.

Eventually this gang that couldn’t shoot straight was asked to deliver two fake plastic explosive bombs into two cars parked outside a Jewish Temple in the posh Riverdale section of the Bronx. Someone had parked the cars and left the doors unlocked for this purpose. So you had a government informant from Pakistan, sheep-dipping four poor dudes who didn’t have ten dollars between them, none of whom even owned a vehicle, and these dudes are asked to pose as terrorists to make $250,000 each in one day? Since a mob hit typically costs $5,000, one wonders why anyone could be dumb enough to believe they were going to get a million dollars for dropping a bag into a car in front of a Temple, but these guys did believe this was going to happen. They thought they were playing Hussain, when it was the other way around.

Over 100 police officers, support helicopters, riot vehicles, flatbed trucks, SWAT teams in full combat gear immediately surrounded the four unarmed men, smashed the windows of the vehicle they were inside (owned by the FBI informant) dragged them out of the car and paraded them in front of the national media as ruthless jihadists ready to strike at innocent Americans because they hate the west, not four slobs trying find a route out of poverty. Cromite and his unlucky friends are now serving 25-to-life.

But this is nothing unusual. This drama is played out every month in America because terrorism has to be manufactured or the wheels are going to fall off the hoodwink. In fact, no real Mosque in America has ever been found guilty of fomenting terrorism, and every legitimate Muslim knows when a newcomer walks in and starts talking jihad, he is a government agent trying to entrap people. Talking jihad in an American Mosque is the quickest way to get kicked out of any Mosque. But the FBI stooges have to troll real Mosques so they can make sure people realize this is a religious war.

An amazing documentary on this case was just aired on HBO, The Newburgh Four. Why these men haven’t been pardoned by President Obama just based on this film is beyond me. Will someone please reign in Homeland Security and not allow this sort of scam to continue? I just hope the Newburgh Four win their appeal with the Supreme Court because there’s never been a more clear-cut case of entrapment in history.

The wikipedia page on this case is a travesty and I hope someone can get some shreds of truth on that page someday, because right now it’s just an apology for a very weak case and contains few revelations from the documentary.

Written by Steven Hager

July 24, 2014 at 2:30 pm

Who benefits from terrorism?

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640px-Lyman_L._Lemnitzer“What John Foster Dulles was in civilian clothes, Leminzter was in uniform.—anonymous Army general describing the post-WWII impact of General Lyman Lemnitzer

How many realize that while Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, General Lyman Lemnitzer approved plans to kill innocents and blame it on Cuba as an excuse to invade? The plan was known as Operation Northwoods, and all that was required for it to go operational was the commander-in-chief’s signature.

Fortunately, recently-elected President John Kennedy refused to sign that document, or a slew of terror operations, some of which involved murdering innocent civilians in Washington DC, would have been enacted. The details of the plan were not made public for decades, and even today, few seem aware that our Pentagon is on record supporting false flag terrorism as a strategic tool.

Interesting that Lemnitzer was replaced at the Pentagon and shuffled off to Europe and swiftly became the commander of NATO, and during his tenure a massive program known as Gladio was created to foment terror operations just like Northwoods, only this was happening on a more massive scale. Gladio quickly grew to a secret army of thugs with deep pockets and advanced weaponry and encrypted communications, and many of these thugs had Nazi backgrounds and they were being paid to commit terrorist acts while posing as Communists.

The only reason we know about Gladio is because an honest Italian prosecutor leaked the story while investigating the collapse of a bank. This led to a huge scandal that implicated many in Italian politics, the military and the Vatican, and the center of this conspiracy resided in a Masonic Lodge known as Propaganda Due (P2).

Any terrorist operation can find funding provided the terrorists are ruthless and devoted to spilling blood because it’s to the benefit of the Masters of War to keep the blood lust raging, so investing in terror is a good place for any Master of War to put his money.

When Israel was created, the most progressive elements from both cultures (European Jews and native Palestinians) could have harmonized and shared the nation in peace, while violent fanatics imprisoned on both sides. In this world, their children would have been taught to harmonize, not to shoot each other. Cultures can harmonize and work for mutual benefit, and in fact, it happens all the time, and nature loves it when you mix gene pools, it’s known as hybrid vigor and the same thing works for cultures.

Unfortunately, it was in the interest of the Merchants of War to employ Israel in a global strategy of tension and keep their profit streams humming for the benefit of the Bank of England and Sullivan and Cromwell (the real heartbeat of Wall Street, a firm headed by John Foster Dulles to bring this blog full circle. Dulles, it should be noted, is cousin to the Rockefellers, and his brother Allen founded the CIA, and headed the Warren Commission coverup. Allen, like Lyman before him, it should also be noted was disgraced and fired by Kennedy).

So even though it’s supposed to be a very sacred and holy place, Israel has become the symbol of endless war and global apocalypse.

So that’s why all peacemakers on both sides were swiftly eliminated to make way for the terrorists to take the stage. And once you kill, people go blood simple and you can easily mislead and misdirect them and get them to kill back in revenge. The Palestine movement was out-flanked by Hamas and by now those running Hamas may not even realize they are working in the interest of the Masters of War. They’ve had an entire lifetime of constant war now, and that breeds fanaticism, and obviously the plan is working because there is no peace movement in Israel.

And if you doubt the truth of what I am saying, just watch the film Munich, or read the book by former Mossad assassin Juval Aviv. Because I think Juval bumped up against Gladio and if you watch the movie, it might help you put some of the pieces together.

No one benefits from all this terror. Except the Masters of War.

Written by Steven Hager

July 24, 2014 at 7:04 am

Gentle giant murdered by police and paramedics

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Eric Garner was much beloved by his neighbors as the “gentle giant” of the neigborhood, a peaceful man known to help others in need. However, a few years ago, Garner accused some local police of sexually abusing him, charges made in a court document filed while he was in custody in Rikers awaiting trial.

This public document was later quoted in a Staten Island newspaper. Garner had accused an unnamed officer of handcuffing him after a traffic stop and sodomizing him, and when Garner protested he was going to file charges for this abuse, he was arrested and charged with multiple violations. It was a scene right out of The Bad Lieutenant. And it was Garner’s word against the cops, so he lost.

Apparently, Garner has been arrested several times since then and the charges are always selling black-market cigarettes, and/or possession of marijuana. So when a police crew confronted Garner in the street the other day, and immediately tried to handcuff him and place him under arrest, Garner protested. Can you blame him?

But Garner was immediately put into a choke hold and thrown to the ground, even though he complained he couldn’t breath and was in obvious distress. Two paramedics arrived at the scene, but administered no assistance, and simply watched Garner die from a heart attack while lying on his stomach wearing handcuffs, when they probably could have given him oxygen and saved him.

The initial police report did not mention a choke-hold initiating the heart attack, probably because police choke-holds are against policy in New York  City, and not a legal police technique. The only reason this case exploded is because someone shot a video with a cellphone of what really happened and put that video online. And suddenly paramedics were suspended without pay, the police put on desk duty, and now all involved face huge civil suits, as does the city of New York.

The video is chilling to watch. “I’m tired of this, this stops today,” complains Garner, who neighbors say had just broken up a fight, which is why the police were responding in the first place. “I’m minding my own business officer. I didn’t sell nothing. Take your hands off me….I can’t breath….I can’t breath…I can’t breath…. (collapses and dies).

The incident is symptomatic of our drug laws at work, laws that unfairly target minorities and ramp up hostility between the police and ethnic neighborhoods. There is a great divide between the poor and our police and it is growing.

Written by Steven Hager

July 23, 2014 at 7:39 am

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The real 9/11 suspects

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mlakar-headshotProbably the best book on 9/11 is Another Nineteen, Investigating Legitimate 9/11 Suspects by Kevin Robert Ryan, a book that peers deep into the biographies of those suspiciously residing in key strategic positions. If 9/11 was a deep intelligence project designed to jump-start a war, this trail should be an effective one.

I don’t pretend to know what happened on 9/11, although I do know the Commission that supposedly investigated it was handcuffed from the start and much has been obscured and hidden and many lies told by the backpedaling Pentagon. When two Congressmen recently read the deleted secret pages concerning Saudi complicity removed from the final report, it put them into shock and completely rearranged their understanding of the event. Citizens of New York City are also pressing for an investigation into why Building 7 collapsed without investigation.

Meet Paul Mlakar (above). While working as Vice President of JAYCOR, unofficial spinoff of SAIC, Mlakar obtained a number of patents on explosive containment devices for aircraft. In 1998, he performed classified simulations measuring the damage the Pentagon would suffer from a truck bomb.

After 9/11 Mlakar was put in charge of investigating the crash at the Pentagon.

Interestingly enough, Mlakar is married to the daughter of Col. Robert P. Halloran, a former intelligence officer and acting director of the NSA under Allen Dulles (1960-61).

What Ryan’s book does primarily is show how a small cabal of 19 inside America could have easily run the event, and what is truly scary is the dots point to a NATO connection. In other words, this cabal has close ties to European centers of power, so when people say 9/11 was an “inside job” I don’t think that comment is necessarily completely true, although certainly a few major players inside the US establishment and military were involved, the conspiracy stretches across the pond to our mother countries.

Written by Steven Hager

July 22, 2014 at 7:22 am

The real story behind Sugarland Express

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DentChaseBobby Dent was driving through Port Arthur with his wife Fae, when a patrol car appeared behind him, red lights twirling at 2 AM in the morning. It’s never been determined what exactly the Dents were up to at that time of morning, but whatever it was, it was enough to cause Bobby to panic and try and outrun the squad car. He ended up crashing into a tree in the woods outside town.

Before the police could apprehend the couple, they disappeared into the woods where they located an empty cabin with a working telephone. After meditating on his situation for a few hours, Bobby called the operator and brazenly told her that he and his wife and been hitchhiking when they were beaten and robbed and they required transportation to a doctor or hospital.  At 6 AM, a highway patrolman appeared at the cabin to assist the couple, but when he entered the cabin, Fae and Bobby pointed revolvers at him.

Without any plan of what they were doing next, the Dents took the trooper hostage and began driving to Houston, Fae holding a shotgun to his head in the backseat while Bobby pressed a Magnum against his side. Apparently the Dents did not realize driving down a busy highway in this manner was likely to create commotion, something O. J. Simpson would learn many years later when he made his panicky escape attempt. By the time they reached Houston, the caravan behind them numbered over 100 vehicles.

JamesKennethCroneJim Crone was the kidnapped officer and DPS Captain Jerry Miller in charge of the rescue. To his great credit, Miller refused to blockade or impede the Dents, and even allowed them to make refuel and bathroom stops without any interference. His only plan was to prevent the Dents from doing harm to anyone.

Along the way, Bobby and Fae decided to turn north so they could visit Fae’s two children from a previous marriage, who were living with their grandmother. Captain Miller made a deal with Bobby that Fae could see her kids for a few minutes and then get a 15-minute headstart to continue their escape. Bobby was gullible enough to believe him and when he opened the door to Fae’s mom’s house with Crone in front of him, Crone threw himself on the floor. Bobby took a shotgun blast in the chest as well as a few revolver rounds in the heart.

Fae dropped her weapon and sobbed, “They’ve killed him.”

The press took a photo of her staring at Bobby’s lifeless body right after the killing.

IlaFayeDentFae ended up serving a few months in jail and was then reunited with her kids. Steven Spielberg was 30 when he made the film version of this story, although if you’ve seen the film, you’ll realize how much the story was twisted for cheap emotional effect.

Sugarland Express was Spielberg’s first feature and it bombed, although it’s a highly entertaining movie provided you don’t know the real story. In retrospect, I believe his rise to one of the greatest wag-the-dog producers of our time was ordained from the beginning. Certain people just have all the right connections to get sheep-dipped as a Knight in Shining Armor, and no matter what the outcome of their missions, their promotions will be assured, so it should come as no surprise he was handed a shark film next, and once again showed how effective his tricks could be, no matter if the content was somewhat shallow.


Written by Steven Hager

July 20, 2014 at 12:51 pm

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